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We have an extensive range of scissor lifts from leading manufacturers such as Genie, JLG, Pop-Up and Skyjack.

With platform heights ranging from 1.63 m to 26.00 m we are sure you'll find a scissor lift that meets your needs. However, should you not find a suitable machine in our lineup please contact us to discuss your requirements – we'll do everything we can to help.

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ProductManufacturerPower OptionsPlatform HeightLift CapacityWidth  
GS-2046GenieElectric6.10 m544 kg1.17 mView
2030ESJLGElectric6.1 m360 kg0.76 mView
SJ1113220SkyjackElectric6.1 m408 kg0.8 mView
SJ4620SkyjackElectric6.1 m590 kg1.2 mView
2630ESJLGElectric7.75 m230 kg0.76 mView
SJ1113226SkyjackElectric7.9 m227 kg0.8 mView
SJ2068RTSkyjackDiesel7.9 m567 kg1.7 mView
SJ4626SkyjackElectric7.9 m459 kg1.2 mView
GS-2632GenieElectric7.92 m227 kg0.81 mView
GS-2646GenieElectric7.92 m454 kg1.17 mView