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We have an extensive range of scissor lifts from leading manufacturers such as Genie, JLG, Pop-Up and Skyjack.

With platform heights ranging from 1.63 m to 26.00 m we are sure you'll find a scissor lift that meets your needs. However, should you not find a suitable machine in our lineup please contact us to discuss your requirements – we'll do everything we can to help.

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ProductManufacturerPower OptionsPlatform HeightLift CapacityWidth  
Pop-UpPop-UpElectric1.63 m240 kg0.52 mView
Pop-Up +Pop-UpElectric2.5 m240 kg0.7 mView
GS-1530GenieElectric4.57 m272 kg0.76 mView
GS-1532GenieElectric4.57 m272 kg0.813 mView
SJ321113215SkyjackElectric4.6 m272 kg0.8 mView
1930ESJLGElectric5.72 m230 kg0.76 mView
GS-1930GenieElectric5.79 m227 kg0.76 mView
GS-1932GenieElectric5.79 m227 kg0.813 mView
SJ1113219SkyjackElectric5.8 m249 kg0.8 mView
GS-2032GenieElectric6.10 m363 kg0.81 mView