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Move the sliders to the values you require and/or select the options you need (if any are shown). We'll pick the telehandlers that meet your requirements; you can then view the detailed specifications to decide which is the right one for you.

Max Fwd Reach: ≥ 2 m

Max Lift Height: ≥ 5 m

Max Lift Capacity: ≥ 2000 kg

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We have found 14 matching products
ProductMax Fwd ReachMax Lift HeightMax Lift Capacity  
JCB 520-502.82 m5 m2000 kgJCB 520-50
JCB 531-703.7 m7 m3000 kgJCB 531-70
JCB 533-1056.83 m10.2 m3300 kgJCB 533-105
JCB 535-125 HiViz8 m12.3 m3500 kgJCB 535-125 HiViz
JCB 535-956.52 m9.5 m3500 kgJCB 535-95
JCB 540-17012.5 m16.7 m4000 kgJCB 540-170
JCB JCB 535.14 HI Vis9.7 m13.47 m3500 kgJCB JCB 535.14 HI Vis
Merlo Roro 45.21 MCSS18 m20.8 m4500 kgMerlo Roro 45.21 MCSS
Merlo ROTO 38.1411 m13.8 m3800 kgMerlo ROTO 38.14
Merlo ROTO 38.14S11 m13.8 m3800 kgMerlo ROTO 38.14S
Merlo ROTO 38.1613 m15.7 m3800 kgMerlo ROTO 38.16
Merlo ROTO 38.16S13 m15.7 m3800 kgMerlo ROTO 38.16S
Merlo Roto 4025MCSS22.7 m25.25 m4000 kgMerlo Roto 4025MCSS
Merlo ROTO 50.10S7.6 m10.4 m5000 kgMerlo ROTO 50.10S